Desert Camp

The best Moroccan desert camp options in the South Erg chebbi Sahara Desert  of Merzougaluxury  royal, or standard camps,

Sahara Gate Tours offers its clients a wide range of activities and services that involve the exploration of the dunes of Erg Chebbi in the Sahara Desert. Of all the experiences in life, your wish-list should include a night spent in One of The  Camps in the desert. It really is an unforgettable memory and one that may tug at you to come back many times. The vastness of the environment, the silence that is incomparable, the peace it restores, the magic of the hospitality and the chance to reconnect with the earth are just a few reasons. The Berber bivouac is an exceptional affair. Sitting around the crackling campfire, eating delicious local cuisine, listening to the hypnotic rhythms of the traditional drumming music and song, marvelling at the immense sky of stars above and around you, all this, what more could you ask for.

We offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy the sunset camel trek to your desert camp to add to the amazing experience. In the morning too you can get up early to see the sunrise over the golden dunes, watching the light changing as it moves along the sand chasing away the night sky, it really is a very special time of the day.

If one night is not enough for you then we propose our camel trekking tours, spend a few nights with the Nomads, learning their ways of life, trek during the day to explore the different environs and landscapes and listen to their stories and music in the evening. These treks can be for a few days or weeks, just email us for more information about this incredible adventure and life changing experience.